System Support

What we do

We focus on two major roles: Day-to-day monitoring and maintenance of the CSE computing infrastructure, and providing technical support for staff and postgraduate students.

We also provide support for undergraduate students, but only in cases where the CSE Helpdesk has escalated the call to us.

We handle any and all problems with CSE computing services, and also allocate print/internet quota, create and configure accounts/classes/groups, restore backups, manage the mail subsystem, build and configure new machines, and do pretty much anything else that needs doing in this general field.

Requests mailed to SS are placed on a mail queue, and should be answered within a day or so (though not necessarily in the order that they are received). Mails that are not answered in a short time are flagged for attention, and are guaranteed not to fall through the cracks.

What we don't do

With all of the maintenance and support tasks we are responsible for, there are some tasks that we must give extremely low priority. Such tasks include:

This is not to say that we won't take a quick look at pretty much anything that comes our way (except outright help with assignments, etc. for obvious reasons), but just an acknowledgement that we cannot devote serious amounts of time to problems that lie outside of our domain.

Opening Hours:

System Support operates from 9am - 5pm on weekdays. For assistance outside of these hours, please refer to the contact page.