World Solar Challenge

The world is changing, energy efficiency has become one of the highlights of the future, with many companies investing million of dollars in advancing innovation in renewable energy and their applications. However, here, in UNSW, we have our own group of student volunteers who commit their time and energy to create something that will change the future. They are, Sunswift.

So who ARE Sunswift?

We are the UNSW Solar Car Racing Team, a group of student volunteers from all faculties that work together to advance solar energy applications in automobiles. We have had much success over the years

Subnswift IVy

IVy broke the Guinness World Record for the World's fastest solar-powered car in 2011.  I the World Solar Challenge, they were one of only seven cars to actully complete the challenge!

Sunswift IVy breaking the Guinness World Record for the World's Fastest Solar-powered Vehicle in January 2011.


Sunswift eVe

eVe is unlike any solar car you would have seen before, a hybrid solar/electric vehicle, build with practicality, efficiency and the future in mind. It also extremely sexy, with an amazing sports car body bound to attract the attention of any passer-by!

What's under the bonnet?

  • It can travel 700km on the equivalent of 1.47L of petrol (2kW)
  • Solar Array that gives 150km range per day
  • Recharging the batter costs about $3.21
  • 16kw battery pack
  • Two wheel motors that give a top speed of 140km/hr
  • Maximum power at wheels is 8kw
  • Weights less than 500kg with 2 occupants
  • 63kg lithium ion battery pack
  • 4m2 of silicon solar cells giving about 700W

If you want to join the team, whether it is on the business or engineering teams, or simply want to know more about us, feel free to contact us on