About Mentoring

Mentoring is different to friendship. Mentoring has a specific purpose, and the relationship should be entirely focussed on the mentee. Mentors should maintain objectivity and distance from the mentee, whilst being empathic at the same time. It is important to realise that mentors and mentees have different levels of power.

A Mentor Should Have

  • a clear understanding of the goals of the mentoring program and their reason for committing to those goals
  • the ability to create warmth between themselves and the mentee,
  • the ability to give constructive feedback to mentees and to help them facilitate their own problem-solving process by fostering their sense of independence
  • the ability to manage themselves - to be aware of their own needs, goals and support structures
  • a willingness to learn from their own experiences, the program, other mentors and their new students

A CSE Mentor Must

  • Always talk about their "own or friend's experience"*
  • NOT give Program Advice*
  • NOT give Academic assistance*

Important Information

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A Mentor's Responsibilities

Emergency Protocol

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Other UNSW Mentoring Programs can be found at UNSW counselling service