Point System

Each Mentee (new student) will be assigned to a Mentor, and this is called a Group.  (Note, each Mentor may have more than one mentee, and so may belong to several Groups, but each Mentee will be in just one Group).

For every event, attendance by a Group will earn 5 points (if the Mentee is present, but the Mentor is absent, the Group will earn 2 points).  So it's important to try to attend every event!

The Scavenger Hunt and the Trivia night will be TEAM events.

  • TEAMS consist of several Mentor Groups.
  • Each TEAM requires a minimun of 1 Mentor and 2 Mentees,
  • Teams have a maximum of 6 people.
  • Points for TEAM events will be awarded to all Groups within it.
EventAward BasePoints for each Group
All Events Mentor and Mentees attends 
Mentees attends (without Mentor):
3 points 
1 points
Team events 1st: 
5 points 
3 points 
2 points

Note: The Team points are added to the Group points.


Winning Group$300
Second Group $200
Third Group $100