Computer Support Group

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What We Are

The primary task of the Computing Support Group is to maintain a constantly changing computer network, which currently consists of more than 400 workstations, as well as 35 servers, approximately 300 personal computers (PCs and Macs) and 10 subnets. All workstations and computers are networked using ethernet over copper and fibre, and are integrated into the campus, Australian, and overseas computer networks.

In addition, the CSG has a strong user service and support focus, with five part-time System Support (SS) providing help-line support to academic staff, general staff and research students. Undergraduates are expected to use the Help Desk as their primary help-line. Any issues Help Desk cannot solve are escalated to System Support.

CSG also works on the implementation and maintenance of systems and application software.

Where We Are

The Computer Support Group is located in Building K17 in Room 111.

The primary task of the CSG Help Desk is to provide support to undergraduate students. Problems outside the scope of Help Desk are passed on to ss. The Help Desk is also responsible for keeping the printers running and reporting hardware problems.  The Helpdesk is situated in the Undercroft of the Mechanical Engineering Buidling in Room G09.

For more information see the HelpDesk website.

Contacting Us

Except for helpdesk staff email is the preferred method for contacting members of CSG or requesting assistance, as we tend to be highly mobile.

For assistance with account or computing problems, email ss@cse or call ss on x54199.

For assistance with buying a computer, or broken hardware, email hardware@cse or call ss on x54199.

Undergraduate students should go to the helpdesk which is located on the ground floor of the Mechanical Engineering building opposite the leaf computer lab (opening times). 
Alternatively email helpdesk@cse or call helpdesk on x55438.

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