Lab Bookings

The form on this page allows you to produce booking tables summarizing the bookings made for the CSE student labs.

The Form

Instructions: Enter one of either the Day, Date(s), or session, then click on submit.

  • If you enter a day of the week, or just a start date, you will produce the class and individual bookings for the single, specified day.
  • If you enter a start and end date, or select a session, you will produce the class bookings summarized for all days in the specified range of dates.
    Warning: The larger the range of dates, the longer it will take to produce the summary table.
  • If you enter nothing at all (default/reset values), you will produce the bookings for today.
Day of the week:
Dates ([d]dmmm) eg: 7jul

Start: End:
Session: None 1 2

From: Start of Session Today

The Booking Table

columns present each lab in alphabetical order. The table header also displays the number of machines in each lab after the
lab name and a colon.
rows present all booking periods for which a booking was made, from the earliest to the latest.
body presents bookings in the following format:
  [ class [.tut] ] [ : number_booked ] [ :date_key ]
  class The class making the booking. Classes of the form: "COMPxxxx" are identified as "xxxx", while
all others are displayed literally (eg: "SENG1234").
  .tut This suffix, if present, indicates that the class booking was made with a tutorial token.
  • Tutorial bookings extend the normal grace period from 7 minutes to 23 minutes (or for the
    duration of the period if the subsequent period is also booked with a tutorial token and for the
    same class).
  • The grace period is when logins are restricted to only those users for whom the booking was
  number_booked The number of machines booked displayed as a negative number in red.
If a class appears, but no number_booked, then the whole lab has been booked.
If no class appears then any number_booked refers to the number of individual bookings made
by non-class users. This form of summary is Only produced if a single day or date is being
summarized, and not when a range of dates is being summarized.
  :date_key This key is a colon followed by a blue number, and denotes a range of dates for which the class
booking was made. It is only produced if a range of dates are being summarised, in which case
a table is produced after the booking table which gives the corresponding range of booked dates
for each key.
This will include the blank key which is is assigned to the most common range of dates.