General Resources

General resources provided by the CSG to support computing within CSE include:

  • trusted subnet for debian-linux desktop computers installed and maintained by CSG, connected by ethernet to the CSE network. Most of the student laboratories are on this subnet.
  • an untrusted subnet for computers installed and maintained by users, connected by ethernet to the CSE network. Laptops are the most common type of computer connected to this subnet, but it also includes desktops, robots, printers and other devices.
  • at least 2 laser printers per floor in the K17 building or lab area
  • 2 colour laser printers, on levels 1 and 4 of the K17 building, for staff and postgraduate research student use.
  • several general access servers, plus a number of restricted access servers for specific research groups.

Further information on CSE's laboratories and servers can be found on the CSE Taggi.

Obtaining Your CSE Account

New staff and academic visitors will require their CSE contact to request an account for them via the New Staff/Visitor/PhD Notification Form.

Students will receive their account automatically after enrolment and should not submit requests for account creation. This generally includes postgraduate research students, however, if the student begins their research long before or after enrolment their supervisor can use the New Staff/Visitor/PhD Notification Form to request an account be created for them.

NOTE: CSG has a policy on acceptable usernames which you are requested to read and abide by before submitting the above form.

Information And Help

Many of CSG's online information and help resources are listed on the CSE Taggi. Further information (some of it obsolete) can be found at Help and Resources webpage.

To check quickly your quota, resources, bookings, license keys and more go to your Account Control Panel.

Contacting Us

Email is the preferred method for contacting members of CSG or requesting assistance, as we tend to be highly mobile.

When in doubt, email System Support.