Keys and Swipe Cards

CSE Building Access

This policy applies to higher degree research (HDR) students, staff and visitors to CSE.

The CSE Facilities Officer is responsible for issuing all keys and arranging for all swipe card access to building K17. The Facilities Officer is located in room G07 of building K17.

Notification Form

The supervisor (staff/visitor) and the Student Office (HDR students) will complete an on-line Notification Form located at:, which notifies the Facilities Officer of a person’s arrival date and details.

An office (either shared or sole occupancy) or carrel will be issued according to the School's space policy.

Upon commencement staff, students and visitors should report to G07 to collect any keys and/or request for swipe card access form.


All keys have to be signed out and signed in by the Facilities Officer after they are returned. The recipient will sign and take responsibility for any keys upon collection. Keys will be issued to a designated office (if allocated), filing cabinet or drawer and a key 23KS, which is a common key to meeting and consult rooms, and photocopy/printer rooms on each floor within K17, as appropriate.

HDR students other than students on the 4th floor bridge area are issued space in the open area on each floor and therefore will not be issued with an office key.

An additional office key will not be issued to any other person without written authorisation of the designated occupant.

Keys cannot be issued to undergraduates, but may be loaned on a short-term basis by a staff member who is solely responsible for the security and use of the key.

Academics can request consultation room keys for tutors, which must be collected and returned to Facilities Officer at the end of each session.

UNSW Keys may not and cannot be copied or produced by anyone other than the UNSW Locksmith. If additional/replacement keys are required, the order will be placed by the Facilities Officer through the UNSW Locksmith.

Loss of keys must be reported to the Facilities Officer immediately.

Swipe Cards

Staff and visitors - a request form will be completed and provided to the recipient who will make their way to e-spot. For information about e-spot visit

HDR Students - default swipe card access is added to HDR students automatically after enrolment. The coursework and undergraduate student swipe card access summary can be found at: and must be read in conjunction with this policy.

All swipe cards will be returned to the Facilities Officer on cessation. Swipe cards are not extendable. A new staff card will be issued if employment or enrolment is extended beyond the expiry date.

All issues and enquiries regarding access for CSE staff, visitors and HDR students should be directed to the CSE Facilities Officer.

The CSE HelpDesk handles access to CSE laboratories for undergraduate and coursework students.

Undergraduate student access to postgraduate research laboratories, access to restricted areas and to the CSE alarm system are processed by the Facilities Officer on an individual basis upon the supervisor’s written authorisation.

Any lost swipe cards must be reported to e-spot or the CSE Facilities Officer immediately.

September 2007 
(T Oshuiko and K Mitris)