Security Guidelines

Authorisation to access the restricted areas within K17 is administered by the CSE Facilities Office: 
Room: G07 K17 
Staff: Tanya Oshuiko is the Facilities Officer and is responsible for issuing access to staff, students and visitors for K17.

I have had many CSE people inform me that they find it difficult to question someone's access to the secure areas of the building.

Firstly, it is perfectly logical to want to secure our building and stop persons without access from entering the restricted areas. This is because potentially if we do not secure the building we are exposing ourselves to the risk of theft in many cases thousands of dollars.

There were some problems with access codes on swipe cards last year that have now been rectified. All swipe cards are now coded to access the prescribed areas as needed.

Persons with authorised access will be able to gain entry to the restricted areas in K17. People without access will try and tailgate behind a legitimate entry. Please do not allow anyone to follow you, unless you know the person. If someone is trying to follow someone in, people should indicate that they will need to either swipe their own card or use the phone to contact the person they have arrived to meet with. It is OK to ask politely if they have swipe access to the area. You can simply mention that according to School policy you are not allowed to let them in.

Please don't enter into an argument with the person. If the person pushes open the door, then you should quietly alert UNSW Security on ext 56666 after hours, or contact CSE Facilities between 9.00am to 5.00pm (currently ext 57744 and ext 57733).

If you think somebody has a legitimate reason for entering the restricted area but they do not have access please direct the person to CSE Facilities.

CSE Postgrad students and CSE staff have prescribed access to the building as is necessary. Undergards or external visitors should wait for their supervisor/host to either organise access or be available to meet and greet. Access for new arrivals can be organised by completing the CSE on-line Notification Form.

Contractors and UNSW maintenance staff MUST have their access authorised by UNSW Facilities Management and SHOULD possess ID cards. If they do not for whatever reason, you should ask them to see CSE Facilities. If outside business hours please contact the UNSW Zone office located just outside Mechanical Engineering ground floor on the central walkway. The K17 Zone office telephone number is 9385 6770.

Please keep in mind that by letting unauthorised/unknown persons inside the restricted area you are potentially allowing a thief into the building.

Please do not hesitate to call Security, CSE Facilities or the Head of School's office if you see something/or someone suspicious.

Staff and students working on each floor, usually come regularly and are familiar. New faces should be noticed. The level 3 open plan area is a little different, in that there are many Undergrads that are students with authorized access, and they come on a regular basis and work in groups. Therefore, level 3 residents need to be more attentive to what is going on around them.

Please help us to keep us secure and safe.