Head of School

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This is just a short note to welcome you to CSE and introduce you to the people in the Head of School's Unit.

The Head of School is Professor Maurice Pagnucco and he is located in Room 104, Level 1. He can be contacted on (61 2) 9385 5518 or by email morri@cse.unsw.edu.au. Should you need to meet with Professor Pagnucco you can contact Courtenay Atwell by email c.atwell@unsw.edu.au who can assist in arranging an appointment for you.

The Deputy Head of School (Education) is Dr. John Shepherd and the Deputy Head of School (Research) is Prof. Claude Sammut.

Emma Proud is the School's Executive Officer and her office is next door to Professor Pagnucco's in room 104B. Ms Proud is responsible for managing the School's budget and is the senior administrative officer for CSE. If you require a new financial account within CSE Emma is the person to contact on (61 2) 9385 4539 or by email emmap@cse.unsw.edu.au.

Courtenay Atwell is the Administrative Assistant to the Head of School and can be contacted on (61 2) 9385 5518 or by email c.atwell@unsw.edu.au.