Induction Package

Welcome to the School of Computer Science and Engineering Faculty of Engineering at UNSW

Outlined below are names of key CSE personnel and some useful information that may assist you during your orientation period. Your supervisor will also be working closely with you to help you with your induction process at CSE.

Human Resources

On your first day at CSE please contact the Human Resources Consultant (Engineering) to make an appointment to complete necessary HR forms (eg.superannuation, Tax File Number). You will also to be given your UNSW ID staff/student number. 

Please contact the Human Resources consultant on telephone 9385 7291 located in Room 606, Building K17

OHS For New Staff

As a new staff member at UNSW you must be inducted in OHS procedures and policies. Your supervisor must go through the OHS006 induction form with you to inform you of:

  • Hazards in your work area
  • Risk assessments associated with your work
  • Safe working procedures for your area
  • General OHS procedures
  • OHS training courses
  • Emergency procedures
  • After hours access procedures for your area
  • Consultation procedures

In addition if you are working in a laboratory you must complete the OHS049 induction form.

CSE Facilities Management

UNSW ID and Library card access

In order to gain access to secured rooms/buildings such as your office or open area carrel and staff tea room you will require a UNSW ID swipe card. This ID card can also be used to access the UNSW library.

Parking Permits

If you would like to regularly park your car on UNSW campus, you will need to register for a parking permit. The cost of the parking permit can be deducted from your salary each fortnight.

Please contact our Facilities Officer, Tanya Oshuiko for information on how to register for UNSW ID, office keys and parking permits. Tanya is located in room GO7 K-17 phone: 9385 7744

For any building faults contact

More information can be found on the CSE Facilities webpage.

Computer Support Group

To activate your CSE computer account, please follow the steps outlined in the link If you require additional assistance please contact CSE's Systems Support group on 9385 4199.

System Support is located in Room 111, Building K17

Email System Support

More information can be found on the Computer Support Group webpage.


If you require general stationery supplies such as pens and paper, please contact our Procurement and Assets Officer, Philip O'Donnell on 9385 5138 Philip is located in room G08 K17.

Finance, Procurement AND Assets Unit (FIPRAS)

- Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable 
- Purchasing/ Assets
- School and Research/External funded Travel 
- HERDC Publications Data Collection

More information can be found on the Finance webpage.

Additional Resources

Student Office

UNSW Orientation Website

The UNSW orientation website is also full of information to help you settle in to work at UNSW


- Staff and Student UniPass
- Software Distribution
- Anti-Virus software
- UniMail
- UniWide Wireless Network


- Personal Profile
- Pay Advice
- Individual Payment Summary
- Submit leave requests on line
- UNSW Announcements
- Services for staff
- Staff Development/ Training Registration
- Paid Outside Work Approval
- Casual Pay claim approval
- View your Financial Delegation


- Update your CSE Profile
- Upload photo for your CSE Profile
- Add Research Topics
- Update your Emergency Contact
- Update Location and Contact Numbers
- Show your Qualifications