CSE Calendar of Just About Everything

(at least everything the Student Office knows about - or has access to - and is prepared to maintain)

Let us know if we have missed an important category, or provide comments or suggestions, by emailing Head, CSE Student Services.

Events are listed here in Agenda format, but you can select Month or Week view if you prefer.

There are a lot of calendars included here, and we have created the ones starting with CSE or UNSW. The others have been created elsewhere in the uni but we've added them for your convenience (fees, enrolment, census dates and public holidays). Please send suggestions on any CSE or UNSW calendars and if we can accomodate your request we will.

Use the pull down menu next to Agenda to see the sub-categories, or to hide things you don't care about. I highly recommned viewing UNSW by Week, or UNSW Academic Calendar, but not both.

Use the subscribe to google calendar button in the bottom right hand corner of the calendar to add/subscribe to these calendars. Alternatively, if you use a calendar that supports the iCal or XML format you can use the URLs displayed at the end of the page instead. 

[right click to copy iCal or XML url and paste into any feed reader or calendar product that supports iCal format]

Calendar NameiCalXML
CSE Teaching Deadlines iCal XML
CSE Thesis Part A iCal XML
CSE Thesis Part B iCal XML
UNSW Academic Calendar iCal XML
UNSW by Week iCal XML
UNSW Enrolment Deadlines iCal XML
Holidays in Australia iCal XML