Exam Administration

Entering Exam Information Into myUNSW

Download full instructions (pdf) on how to enter exam information into myUNSW. The first step - Term Planning, has already been done.

The following is a quick guide to the information required in myUNSW:

  • No Exam - send an email with course code/s to Nick Pollock.
  • Final Exams (including internal exams) - Complete all sections in myUNSW*

All staff involved in final exams for a course (convener, reviewer and referee) will be sent an email once information is saved in myUNSW and will be asked to confirm their role. The email will be sent to their UNSW email address only.

*internal exams are not strictly required to complete all sections but we recommend that you do so that your exam details appear on the UNSW timetable rather than needing to be specified on a supplementary timetable produced by the student office.  For example, exam materials.

Internal Exams

If you have less than 15 students enrolled your exam will need to be school run (internal) at a cost to the school (copying, room bookings, invigilators).  Approval by the HoS is required.

Exam Timetable

All exams will be timetabled in one of three slots per day, one in the morning and two in the afternoon, scheduled Monday through to Saturday. Internal exams will be allocated a time by the Student Office once UNSW has allocated you a day and timeslot.

Once the timetable is produced, viewing Individual Courses Exam Timetable Details can be done on myUNSW (via Academic Admin > Services for Lecturers > Scheduled Exams). The Student Office will send an email announcement at the appropriate time.