Results Submission

We have two alternative methods of submitting results in CSE.  Both methods will use the results submission website as the final step.

From this site, the Student Office monitors and collects all the submitted and acknowledged results to send to Student Administration and Records for inclusion in the NSS upload.

Please contact Cassandra Nock or Nick Pollock if you are unable to submit your results on time, or Mei Cheng Whale if you experience technical difficulties.


Step 1. First use "Delete from NSS" to remove any records for students who may have withdrawn from the course since the records were imported.  Students can apply to withdraw from a course up until about week 8.

Step 2. Finalise your marks.

Step 3. When you submit, the results are automatically uploaded to the results website and the Student Office will send the results for upload to NSS.  It is not necessary to submit a hard copy to the Student Office, nor is it necessary to 'acknowldege' your results, as was the case with pre-2012s2 submissions.

Step 4. Log on to the results submission website using your CSE login to view your results if needed.


Step 1. Download the markbook for your course and read page 2 of the documentation (pdf) from the Eccles website. You must have a copy of MS Office 2000 to 2007 or the validation and submission steps won't work.

Step 2. Calculate or enter the final mark, and use a grade only for submissions such as AF, WC or WD.  Note that AF should only be used for students who have attempted no assessment in your course.

Step 3. Validate and then submit. This creates a .res file.

Step 4. Log on to the results submission website using your CSE login and upload the result .res file and view results if needed.  The Student Office will send the results for upload to NSS.  It is not necessary to submit a hard copy to the Student Office, nor is it necessary to 'acknowldege' your results, as was the case with pre-2012s2 submissions.

Special Consideration and Supplementary Assessment

Refer to the Yellow Form for full details on policy including supplementary exam dates for the year.  All students acknolwedge the content of this form when they create their cse account.

Students who are unable to attend the final exam due to illness or misadventure, or who attend the final exam but their performance has been clearly affected by illness or misadventure, are required to submit a special consideration application to UNSW within three working days of the exam.  The CSE Student Office will upload these reports regularly throughout semester to the special considerations website.  You will also see this information in SMS.

Where a student has submitted a special consideration and you will be offering supplementary assessment you should finalised their mark as WC. 

If the student does not have grounds for special consideration, but you have elected nonetheless to offer the student supplementary assessment you should still finalise the mark you have for the student and amend it at a later date.  WD should be used for cases where marking is not finalised and not for non-compliant special consideration cases.

Once you have submitted your results and the results deadline has passed, the Student Office will ask you to log into myCSE and add you students to the supplementary exam list.  Note that this is only for school managed written exams.  All other exams will need to be managed by you directly.

The Student Office will notify students of their school managed written exam time and location a few days before the exam.

Result Ammendments

After the results deadline has passed you can log into myCSE and submit amendments to your results.  Wherever possible all results must be finalised prior to the official release of results by UNSW (see CSE Teaching Calendar for dates).  Late results and amendments may lead to students missing out on a recommendation for honours or the unimedal, being allocated to the main round graduation ceremony, or finalising their enrolment in the next semester on time.  The Faculty of Engineering and UNSW require an explanation for significantly late result submissions.

Non-Course Results

Thesis reports can be collected in myCSE; this is also where results are submitted.  More information about thesis requirements, including our marking guidelines can be found on the thesis website.

PGRD Project reports are also managed in myCSE; for advice on assessment guidelines contact the Postgraduate Coordinator or Student Office.

UGRD Project reports are submitted directly to the supervisor and assessor, and a final mark is emailed to Nick Pollock.  Plans are currently under way to use myCSE to facilitate UGRD projects from 2012.

Industrial placement results are submitted by the Co-op Cooridinator to Nick Pollock when they are available.


Please contact Cassandra Nock or Nick Pollock for advice.