The first two additional options are:
1. (iLecture) enable Podcasting
2. (iLecture) make Publically accessible

Where these options are selected in Term Planning we will pass the information onto Echo 360 support staff.  Please note, late requests for these options will continue to be accepted through the Echo 360 Self Service Wizard or by contacting the Service desk after the Term Planning deadline.

Please note that copyright issues are different between streamed and downloadable content, and between privately accessible content (students enrolled in relevant courses, or authorised cohorts only) and publically accessible content.

If you are uncertain as to how individual academic staff members intend to use, it would be advisable not to select the Podcasting or Publically accessible options.  You should simply request an Echo 360 enabled venue.  Echo 360 recording defaults to Streaming (rather than Podcasting) and Private (rather than Public).

Course convenors can later change requests to podcasting and/or publically accessible through the Echo 360 Self Service Wizard or by contacting the Service Desk.

The other option is:
3. (iLecture) with Screen capture (limited availability)

Screen Capture (Video) recording has recently been installed in the CLB theatres.  As this service is currently limited to the CLB theatres only, we will need to take into account demand and other constraints on the timetable when scheduling classes which request this service.  It may, therefore, not be possible to accommodate all requests.  There are plans to install this service in additional theatres over time.

A reminder that Echo 360 is now in 'Opt Out' mode.  This means that if classes are scheduled in an Echo 360 enabled venue (regardless of whether you specifically requested one), the classes will be scheduled for recording automatically, unless the instructor 'opt's out'.  Opting out of recording for ALL current and future recordings, or for selected courses only, is controlled via the Echo 360 Self Service Wizard.

To assist with integration between myUNSW and Echo 360, it is important that schools accurately maintain course/class teaching staff allocations in myUNSW.  This will become increasingly important as improved integration between myUNSW and eLearning services is planned for the future. 

Enquiries regarding Echo 360 should be directed to the Service Desk via servicedesk@unsw.edu.au or ext. 51333