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School of Aviation, UNSW
casual app programmer

Position Description:

I am recruiting a casual app programmer to work on an airport terminal communication project. The goal of this project is to develop a prototype app that can assist passenger positioning and indoor navigation in an airport terminal environment. The main technology we will use is the SKD by InfSoft (www.infsoft.com) and later on will be extended to iBeacon by Apple (check the SDK from Apple.com). The development platform is on iOS in the beginning and will be extended to Android at a later stage.

Time commitment: August to mid December 2014; flexible working hours (as long as project milestones are met) and suitable for working from home. Total working hours expected is about 100 hrs depending on progress and project requirements. UNSW casual rate, $29/hr is applied.

Skills requirement: good app programming skills on iOS and Android is essential for this role. A server side programme is also required at a later stage to communicate with the app, so notifications can be pulls and pushed through the server-side app. Some knowledge about this server-side programme is ideal but not essential.

Position Type: Undergraduate Students Postgraduate Students

Selection Criteria: If you are interested, please send your CV and transcripts to Dr. C. Richard Wu (School of Aviation, Science) at C.L.Wu (at) unsw.edu.au. Please also direct your enquires about this casual position to Dr. Wu, if you have any. If you have previous app programming experiences, please also include that in your application portfolio. Two references are needed for this job application and references will only be sought once you are shortlisted for this job.

Apply by 11 September or until the position is filled.

Salary: $29/hr

Closing Date: 11/09/2014

Category: OneOff/Casual

Duration: 5 months

Applicant must be a Permanent Resident: No

Attach copy of Academic Transcript: Yes
(Note: Forging an Academic Transcript is a case of Academic Misconduct and may lead to expulsion.)

Inquiries To:
Dr. C. Richard Wu
ph: 0293854191

Applications To:
Dr. C. Richard Wu
ph: 0293854191

Location: on campus (School of Aviation, Science)

Date first posted: 08/12/2014 16:24:24