New Student Survey

What Degree Program have you enrolled in?

(list your Computing degree if doing a double)

If other, please specify:
Where did you study your last year of high school?
What was your ATAR (or equivalent) or GPA?
What high school did you graduate from?
What year did you graduate?
What year did you start at UNSW Computing?
Why did you choose to study Computing?
Why did you choose UNSW for Computing?
What other Universities did you consider?
Why did you choose NOT to go to this/these University/ies?
Why did you choose your degree instead of another Computing degree at UNSW - ie if you choose Computer Science, why not Software Engineering?
What other non-computing degrees did you consider?
Why didn't you choose to study those other degrees?
What was your biggest influence when deciding which University to attend?
Did UNSW Computing visit your school for a presentation? Yes No Don't Know/Remember
If YES, did you attend this presentation? Yes No
Have you ever visited UNSW before enrolling here? Yes No