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Name Role Office Extension
Vinitha Arakkonam Palaniveloo PhD Student External
Reza Farid PhD Student
Achim Hoffmann Adjunct Associate Professor external
Nitin Indurkhya Senior Visiting Fellow external
Victor Jauregui Lecturer
Nina Narodytska Visiting Fellow external
Toby Walsh Professor NICTA Conjoint L5 NICTA
Tatjana Zrimec Adjunct Senior Lecturer (currently on leave)
Tung Mai Le PhD Student L5 NICTA
Yuslina Zakaria PhD Student
Zhong Zhuang PhD Student K17 301-11
Sara Ballouz PhD Student external
Xiao Yang PhD Student
Margaret Krystyna Sarlej PhD Student
Paul Andrew Chircop PhD Student L5 NICTA
Oliver Coleman PhD Student external
Simon William Mackenzie PhD Student NICTA
Angela Finlayson Lecturer K17 217H 54019
Matthew McGill Research Officer K17 313 54818
Hesam Ziaei PhD Student K17 301-06 55514
Marc Yu-San Chee PhD Student K17 301-08 55514
Adam Haber PhD Student K17 301-10 55514
Maurice Pagnucco Associate Professor & Head of School K17 104A 55518
Andrew Taylor Senior Lecturer K17 401G 55525
Wayne Wobcke Associate Professor K17 307 56475
Abdallah Saffidine Research Associate K17 510B 56496
Yingying Liu PhD Student K17 412-10 56531
Gihan Thilanka Samarasinghe PhD Student K17 412-09 56531
Mohammadreza Hosseini PhD Student K17 412-12 56532
Anastasia Levenkova PhD Student K17 412-11 56532
Michael Gratton PhD Student K17 301-15 56533
Ashesh Mahidadia Adjunct Lecturer K17 310 56556
Timothy Wiley PhD Student K17 301-24 56624
William H. Wilson Associate Professor K17 405 56876
Lingxiao Zhou PhD Student K17 412-06 56906
Basnayake Mudiyanselage Thamali Lekamge PhD Student K17 412-07 56906
Spyridon Revithis PhD Student K17 401-06 56907
Handy Wicaksono PhD Student K17 401-13 56908
Jing Ke PhD Student K17 401-12 56908
Banafsheh Pazokifard PhD Student K17 401-01 56913
Kaibin Zong PhD Student K17 401-02 56913
Sandeep Kaur PhD Student K17 401-03 56913
Orly Natan PhD Student K17 401-18 56914
Bradford Heap Research Associate K17 301-04 56916
Adrian Brian Ratter PhD Student K17 301-13 56916
Theo Wadsley PhD Student K17 301-05 56916
Han Xu PhD Student K17 301-22 56917
Jennifer Buehler PhD Student K17 301-09 56917
German Javier Castro Donoso PhD Student K17 301-21 56918
Malcolm Ryan Visiting Fellow K17 401F 56921
David Rajaratnam Research Associate K17 401D 56929
Claude Sammut Professor & Research Committee Chair K17 401J 56932
Arcot Sowmya Professor & Teaching Committee Chair K17 412E 56933
Serge Gaspers ARC DECRA Fellow & Senior Lecturer K17 217D 56934
Mike Bain Senior Lecturer K17 401H 56935
Eric Martin Senior Lecturer & Postgrad Coursework Academic Advisor K17 409 56936
Timothy Cerexhe PhD Student K17 301-03 56938
Paul Compton Emeritus Professor K17 412D 56939
Michael Thielscher Professor K17 401I 57129
Alan Blair Senior Lecturer & Program Director - Computer Science K17 412C 57131
Bruno Gaeta Senior Lecturer & Program Director - Bioinformatics K17 401C 57213
Jing Chen Senior Lecturer NICTA Conjoint L5 NICTA 83060441
Norman Foo Emeritus Professor L5 NICTA 83060451
Daniel Moses PhD Student Department of Radiology, Prince of Wales Hospital 93820315