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(Phone: +61 2 938 + Extension)

Name Role Office Extension
Arthur Ramer Adjunct Associate Professor K17 212 56875
Ken Robinson Adjunct Associate Professor K17 217E-01 54045
Peter Ho Adjunct Lecturer K17 217E-02 54052
Nandan Parameswaran Adjunct Senior Lecturer K17 310 56556
Daniel Woo Adjunct Senior Lecturer External
Richard Buckland Associate Professor K17 210 54063
Peter Hoefner Conjoint Senior Lecturer E409, L5 NICTA
Jianmin ZHOU PhD Student (currently on leave)
David Collien PhD Student (currently on leave) K17 217-12 58823
Ron van der Meyden Professor K17 217G 56922
Carroll Morgan Aust. Professional Fellow ARC & Professor K17 201D 55317
Xiaowei Huang Research Fellow K17 216 54535
Kai Engelhardt Senior Lecturer K17 217C 54497
Nadine Marcus Senior Lecturer K17 401B 55173
Geoff Whale Senior Lecturer K17 217B-01 54046
Albert Nymeyer Visiting Associate Professor external
Seyed-Mehdi-Reza Beheshti Visiting Fellow external