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Name Role Office Extension
Yvonne Balakian Manager, FIPRAS Office & OHS Manager & First Aid Officer K17 G08B 54040
Magdalena Chambers Administrative Assistant external
Karen Corrigan Administration Finance Officer (currently on leave) K17 104-02 56889
Joanne Curro Administrative Assistant to Head of School K17 104-01 55518
Brenda Ford Development Coordinator K17 105A 57383
Brad Hall Development Office Manager K17 105B 56625
Alfred Krzywicki Research Officer K17 308 57201
Cat Kutay Research Assistant K17 206-01 55257
Nicola Kwan Research Liaison Officer K17 G05-03 56873
Tuo Li Research Assistant K17 510-01 57204
Mousa Malekianjabali Web Programmer K17 401-09 56909
Matthew McGill Research Officer K17 313 54818
Denise Miles Administrative Officer K17 G07-01 57733
Kathy Mitris Executive Officer K17 104b 54539
Daniel Murphy Research Assistant K17 201
Naveen Neti Research Assistant K17 201-30 57161
Cassandra Nock Head, CSE Student Services K17 G03B 54728
Philip O'Donnell Procurement and Assets Officer K17 G08-01 55138
Eilish O'Rourke Senior Research Associate K17 206-02 55257
Tanya Oshuiko Facilities Officer K17 G07 57744
Anna Piorkowska Administration Finance Officer K17 104-02 56889
Nick Pollock Senior Administrative Officer (currently on leave)
Fatima (Maria) Portada Administrative Officer K17 G08A 56920
Tanya Sager Senior Information Officer (Web Services) K17 G05-02 56887
Rudino Salleh Research Officer K17 314A 56557
Su Myat Min Shwe Research Associate K17 501G 56926
Basem Suleiman Researcher NICTA & PhD Student K17 217-08 59776
Colin Taylor Scholarships Officer K17 G04A-04 55147
Jane Tjia Student Administrative Assistant K17 G04A-01 54329
Maria Tzortzis Senior Information Officer K17 G05-01 54522
Milou van Oostrum Student Administrative Officer K17 G04A-03 54926
Kerstin Vintila Senior Administrative Officer K17 G04A-02 54007
Shiyuan Yao Research Assistant K17 217-10 58858
Zainab Zaidi Researcher NICTA ATP Australian Technology Park 83745235