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Name Role Office Extension
Seyed-Mehdi-Reza Beheshti Visiting Fellow external
Fabio Casati Professor Visitor external
Muhammad Aamir Cheema Adjunct Lecturer external
Paul Compton Emeritus Professor K17 412D 56939
Feras Dabous Visiting Fellow external
Fionnbharr Davies Visiting Fellow external
Peng Di Visiting Fellow K17 501J 56588
Hossam El Gindy Adjunct Associate Professor K17 217F 54034
Norman Foo Emeritus Professor L5 NICTA 83060451
Rachid Hamadi Visiting Fellow K17 201-25 56861
Bernhard Hengst Adjunct Lecturer K17 401E 56993
Peter Ho Adjunct Lecturer K17 217E-02 54052
Achim Hoffmann Adjunct Associate Professor external
Wenjie HU Adjunct Associate Professor external
Nitin Indurkhya Senior Visiting Fellow external
David Ross Jeffery Emeritus Professor NICTA NRL level4 93762188
Raja Jurdak Adjunct Associate Professor External
Balachander Krishnamurthy Adjunct Professor external
Kheng Kua Visiting Fellow external
Anil Lakehal-Ayat Adjunct Lecturer External
Tim Lambert Adjunct Lecturer external
Chunquan Liang Visiting Fellow K17 201-26 56861
Ben Lippmeier Adjunct Lecturer external
Qing Liu Adjunct Senior Lecturer external
Yongmei Liu Visitor Short-Term K17 401F 56921
Mehregan Mahdavi Visiting Fellow external
Ashesh Mahidadia Adjunct Lecturer K17 310 56556
Blanca Mancilla Visiting Fellow external
Paul McCarthy Adjunct Professor External
Nina Narodytska Visiting Fellow external
Alexander North Adjunct Lecturer external
Albert Nymeyer Visiting Associate Professor external
Nandan Parameswaran Adjunct Senior Lecturer K17 310 56556
John Plaice Adjunct Associate Professor external
Lu Qin Adjunct Lecturer external
Arthur Ramer Adjunct Associate Professor K17 212 56875
Rajiv Ranjan Adjunct Lecturer external
Ken Robinson Adjunct Associate Professor K17 217E-01 54045
Malcolm Ryan Visiting Fellow external
Will Uther Adjunct Senior Lecturer external
Ingo Weber Adjunct Lecturer external
Shahani WEERAWARANA Visiting Fellow external
Roland Wen Visiting Fellow external
Daniel Woo Adjunct Senior Lecturer External
Merridee Wouters Conjoint Lecturer & Lecturer Visitor External
Yusuke Yachide Visiting Fellow K17 501A 54348
Jian Zhang Adjunct Associate Professor external 95143829
Ying Zhang Adjunct Senior Lecturer K17 201A 54897
Qing Zhang Adjunct Senior Lecturer external