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Using Mobile Phones in Lectures for Interactive Learning
Salil Kanhere
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Networks, Mobile Computing, Interactive Learning
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Mahbub Hassan
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R & D
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COMP3331/9331 (Computer Networks and Applications), Good programming skills.
In the past few years, we have witnessed an immense penetration of mobile phones, with a reported 3 billion plus user base worldwide. The current generation of mobile phones have significant processing power and are equipped with a variety of value-adds such as large colour screens, multiple wireless communication technologies (3G/Wifi/Bluetooth), cameras, etc. This has opened the door to anew world of application possibilities.

The goal of this project is to design an interactive application, which would allow students to provide instant feedback to the lecturer in a classroom environment. Examples include:(i) feedback worm (similar to the one used in election debates) which conveys to the lecturer if students are understanding the concepts being discussed (ii) a simple interface to answer multiple choice questions/true or false questions which could be discussed during the lecture (iii) mechanisms for anonymous questions/feedback. Students are open to design combinations of these or propose other functionality, which they think could help students during lectures. A separate version of the application ,which executes on laptops could also be designed. Such an application would be quite useful to both the lecturer and students, particularly in large classes, which lack interactivity.

The application will initially be developed on a Nokia N95 mobile phone. However, a platform independent solution would be preferred, which would make the application execute on any platform. As a result, Java ME would be a suitable platform for the development process (students are free to choose another platform/language if desired).

Past Student Reports
  Bradley BASKIN in s2, 2009
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  Becky WANG in s2, 2013
Using Mobile Phones in Lectures for Interactive Learning

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