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Cloud Service Provisioning
Rajiv Ranjan
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Cloud Computing
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Helen Hye-Young Paik
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R & D
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web services, Advanced Java (J2EE technologies)
This project will develop a technology that will enable the developers (within government and private sectors) in seamlessly deploying, monitoring, and
managing application services in public and private cloud computing environments. There are two aspects to application service provisioning in clouds: (i) Virtual Machine (VM) Provisioning which involves instantiation of one or more VMs on physical servers that are hosted in clouds. The selection of physical server for hosting VMs is based on number of predefined mapping requirements including available memory, storage space, and proximity of parent cloud; and (ii) Application Service Provisioning, which is mapping and scheduling of requests to services that are hosted within a VM or on set of VMs.

Currently, Public cloud vendors including Amazon EC2 offers trivial web-based interface for developers to choose VM templates, create instances, and package them with required hosting and programming environments (services, SDKs, JREs etc..). Further, if a developer want to deploy his application across multiple clouds which are offered by disparate vendors then he has to repeat aforementioned tasks for each Cloud type. Further, to lack of integrated Cloud Service Management Tool, it becomes increasingly daunting task to automatically monitor and manage the health of instances at run-time. Automatic management of VMs and application services are required to trigger corrective actions such as dynamic provisioning and de-provisioning.

Hence, there is a serious requirement for designing and developing Cloud Service Management Tool that can enable developers to seamlessly choose VM templates from multiple Cloud vendors, create instances, and deploy services. Further, the tool should also support online monitoring of VMs and service instances to enable adaptive provisioning across the hosting environment. The students undertaking this project would be required to work with VM provisioning systems such as Open-Nebula ( or Eucalyptus( and develop a software tool and methodologies to support provisioning of VMs (and services) across multiple clouds. The project can be taken in both as a team work or individual work.
The project has an available funding to support a vacation scholar (450 per week over 12 weeks). Interested students can email me their CVs.
Past Student Reports
  Qian ZHANG in s2, 2011
Cloud Service Provisioning

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