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Measurement Tools for Evaluating Mobile Network Performance
Salil Kanhere
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Mobile Computing, Networks
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Mahbub Hassan
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R & D
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COMP3331, good programming skills
Thanks to the rapid developments and deployments of the Wireless Wide Area Networking (WWAN) technology, e.g. 3G, HSDPA, and WiMax, ubiquitous high-speed mobile data services have become more available and affordable to mobile users. It is now possible for commuters in automobiles, buses, and trains to enjoy the entire spectrum of on-line network services that were available to residential and enterprise users.

While service providers have devoted significant effort in improving WWAN service rate and coverage, the stability and the uniformity of the WWAN
bandwidth is not guaranteed. Unlike wired networks, which have relatively stable bandwidth capacity, the WWAN bandwidth experienced by mobile users is largely dictated by the location-dependent wireless signal quality and the time-varying load dynamics in each cell. In a high-speed vehicular environment, a mobile user experiences frequent and significant bandwidth fluctuations, as a moving vehicle continuously changes its geographical location. in this project we will develop a measurement tool for profiling 3G/HDSPA network performance in a high-speed vehicular environment. The monitoring system will be a client-server system with the client implemented on a smartphone (Apple Iphone or Google Android) and the server on a regular desktop at UNSW. Extensive tests will be conducted by driving in the Sydney metropolitan area (in our project vehicle) to collect empirical network performance data. The collected data will be analyzed to generate network performance maps that characterise the location-specfic properties of 3G/HSDPA coverage.
Extensive support will be provided by PhD students in the Network's Lab.
There are also opportunities for collaboration with NICTA.
Past Student Reports
  Thilanka Damith Pandula PANTHIE KANKANANGE in s2, 2011
An Automated System for Generating 3G HSDPA Network Performance Maps

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