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Nash Equilibrium, Application to a Collaborative Mobile Coupon Service
Guillaume Jourjon
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Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Wireless Applications
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Mahbub Hassan
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From a technical point of view, the current and future Internet is foreseen to be driven by a prevalence of video and multimedia traffic as well as their deployment over mobile handset as illustrated in CISCO perennial traffic estimation. Convergently, from a financial point of view, major investment stakeholders have argued that in future years, the majority of Internet revenue will be received from the smartphone ecosystem, whether it is through advertisements (e.g. Google) or direct sales (e.g. eBay).

In this project, we propose to study both economical and technical aspects of a cooperative coupons service deployed over a network of mobile handsets. The proposed service would leverage advancements in social networks as well as local and contextual information (e.g. localisation and opportunistic networks).
For the economical aspect of the project, we will model the two possible optimisation mechanisms concurrently employed by the seller and potential buyers. In particular, we will focus on the buyer model, which should integrate numerous parameters such as the management of their online profile or their buying strategy.
For the technical aspect of this project, we will develop an innovative framework to first evaluate the various spreading algorithm of the coupons based on both social graph and opportunistic networks. Then, we will implement these mechanisms inside a proof of concept application in Android.
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