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On the potential of big Advertisement players in the ads targeting business.
Guillaume Jourjon
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Modelling, Privacy
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Salil Kanhere
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In today's digital space, advertisement is arguably the most important and lucrative online business. With Mobile advertising becoming more sophisticated, and with developments such as ad-exchanges, advertising agencies, which specialize in online markets, and new analytic tools track and profile variety of users to provide highly targeted advertisements with
increased revenues. However, real capabilities and the extent to which the different players in the online advertisement achieve their targeting goals is still highly debatable and not well understood, if not unknown.
The main objective of this project is to first examine the main differences between two major players of different nature though. Google and Facebook that do operate on two seemingly different advertisement networks are taking the lion's share of ad revenues. We would like then to compare both parties' capabilities in terms of targeting advertisements and understand both companies' strategies. We start by an analysis of Ads distribution in general, and see whether users are better targeted by the one or the other of the Ad networks, and then refine to the retargeting (remarketing) aspect. The final outcome of the project resides in the analysis of discrimination and diversity of online advertisement systems to provide recommendation for a better and efficient ads distribution.
The student will work closely with researchers in the NICTA Networks Research Group. The project will be primarily based at the NICTA ATP laboratory, where the work environment is a group comprised of junior and senior research staff, and PhD students. IT support and resources will be provided by NICTA.
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