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Mining Error Handling Procedures. in Cloud Management
Ingo Weber
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Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Business Process Management
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Len Bass
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R & D
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COMP9322 or COMP9423
With developments such as virtualization and cloud computing, system operation (such as installation, deployment, upgrading) has become a significantly more complex task: an operator might be responsible for thousands of machines, which are built and connected in ever more complex ways. Therefore it is important to support operators to make sure that, e.g., an upgrade process is executing correctly and has the desired result.

Our work thus is concerned with (i) discovering how processes are executed for log files, and (ii) making sure a running process corresponds to the correct execution. Initial works of ours have been published - see below.

Mining error handling procedures in this context is an open topic, as follows. Our current efforts in process mining focus on detecting the successful executions of a process. One missing aspect is error handling: if something goes wrong, and automatic error handling is invoked, when do we have to start worrying, and when is everything in order? We need to adequately discover / check error handling procedures to decide on this question, to avoid outages or similar severe issues during cloud management operations.

In the context of this work, there are numerous open topics for future research, see
/ other topics in the database supervised by me.

Previous publication:
- Sherry Xu, Ingo Weber, Hiroshi Wada, Len Bass, Liming Zhu and Steve Teng. Detecting Cloud Provisioning Errors Using an Annotated Process Model. 2nd Workshop on Secure and Dependable Middleware for Cloud Monitoring and Management, pp. 6, Beijing, China, December, 2013.
Students will work closely with senior researchers at National ICT Australia (NICTA) in a very friendly, diverse team environment. Suitable for students interested in software design, architecture, and practical industry development methods.
Students will be exposed to latest cloud technologies and advanced methods from business process management / process mining.
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