Alumna: Belinda Teh

Belinda Teh

Over the past 5 years I’ve worked at companies both small and large, such as Atlassian, Fairfax Digital, Shoes of Prey and Microsoft, and experienced research thanks to the Taste of Research Scholarship. I’ve been involved on the executive committees of CSESoc, CSE Revue, and Robogals UNSW. I’ve travelled to Turkey, Mexico and America as a part of the Robocup team and international exchange.

I’ve met countless like-minded people and made some amazing friends. And all through this, I’ve been supported by the many scholarships and awards available through UNSW and CSE. 5 years ago I never would’ve dreamed of all these opportunities and that I could’ve had so much fun. Once I graduated I chose to return to Shoes of Prey and the start up scene. A day of work is never dull and can range from 3D modelling & rendering, to image processing, to iOS development, to web applications and optimisations, to hackathons on whatever projects we’re interested in. It’s extremely rewarding to be able to make an impact of my own and work with such a small but motivated and talented group of people. Topped off with perks like free lunch, work parties, LANs, shoes, and movie nights on the projector, the fun goes on :D