Alumnus: Adam Brimo

2011 Consumer Champion of the Year

Adam Brimo

Software Engineering graduate Adam Brimo's life took an unexpected turn in December 2010 when his mobile phone stopped working. Adam, 23, setup a website called to give a voice to the thousands of Vodafone customers who were experiencing mobile service problems.  

The site rapidly caught on and Adam soon found himself on TV, Radio and newspapers across the country while #vodafail become a top trending topic on Twitter.  The 16,000 complaints and 900,000 page views led to a report to the ACCC and $1bn in network upgrades by Vodafone.  Choice Magazine crowned Adam Brimo the Consumer Champion of the year for 2011 for his efforts.

Standing up for a cause isn't new for Adam and his UNSW COMPUTING degree gave him the skills to carry out the consumer activist campaign. "More important than the Programming languages we learned were the theories and methodologies that enabled me to quickly adapt and learn in this rapidly changing industry" Adam remarked, "From database design to data mining, project management skills to presenting ideas; every subject I studied contributed something to my success in this effort."

In 2008 while Adam Brimo was preparing to go to China for the worldwide Robocup Competition, he was also hard at work on his endeavour, 'The Switch'.  The group founded a regular newsletter that covered UNSW COMPUTING's latest research, current industry topics and graduate jobs.  In his effort to bridge the gap between academia, industry and students he also started free weekly BBQs and Technology Talks on the latest topics and companies.

As a student representative in UNSW COMPUTING and a Health and Safety representative in the Faculty of Engineering, Adam was able to tackle student concerns and provide feedback to the school.  From coursework issues to computer lab safety, he worked with lecturers to improve their courses and with the faculty to provide safer facilities.  In 2009 Adam received the Jacobs Australia Engineering Leadership Prize and in 2011 became one of only two students across UNSW to earn the 2011 Alumni Graduand Award.  He also won the inaugural  "Contribution to the UNSW COMPUTING Community" award.

After tackling a telecommunication giant and with university behind him, Adam has taken his knowledge and experiences to his new company, Mijura. He founded the software company with Computer Science graduate and University Medalist Prashant Varanasi to create productivity software for small businesses and teams.  "Looking back to when I first started at UNSW, I never would have imagined that I could accomplish this much so quickly." Adam smiled, "UNSW Computing has really changed my life."

Adam Brimo 2011 Choice Award