Alumnus: Adam Brimo

Adam Brimo

While on one of his regular flights to Malaysia, Adam reflects on his short journey from high school to being the CEO of a company while still being only 27 years old.

“Late nights in the lab solving AI and OS problems, doing group work for the software engineering workshops, jetting off to China for Robocup.  UNSW COMPUTING was amazingly fun and I spent my spare time founding a society, representing students and writing the Beta newsletter,” says Bimo.  “My hard work didn't go unnoticed and I was lucky to win the Jacobs Australia Engineering Leadership Prize and the Alumni Graduand Award.”

Shortly after graduating from UNSW, he started and quickly received nationwide media coverage for his consumer activist campaign. Scaling a website to support a million visitors, aggregating and analysing 20,000 complaints and writing a report for the regulator all came naturally after his experiences at university.  

Adam later co-founded with other UNSW graduates and Richard Buckland.  The online learning platform has been popular and in 2014 the Malaysian Government selected it as their main Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform.  By the end of 2015, 15% of the country’s public university courses will be run as MOOCs, with plans to increase this to 30% by 2020.

The team’s hard work has also paid off financially, with Technology entrepreneur Clive Mayhew investing $1 million, as part of a $1.7m funding round, into the company in 2015.

2011 Consumer Champion of the Year

Adam Brimo 2011 Choice Award