Alumnus: David Claridge

David Claridge

The five years I spent at CSE were by far the most interesting and memorable of my life. From assisting Dr Andrew Taylor in building software for identifying and monitoring parrots at the end of my first year, to coming second in the world at RoboCup in 2010 to running the CSE Student Society, my degree experience was far more than just a collection of classes.

After graduating from UNSW I worked for six months at a startup in Sydney called Posse, with an engineering team that consisted entirely of UNSW alumni. After that I moved to New York to join Google's storage infrastructure team, where we manage and improve the system that delivers thousands of hours of YouTube videos and millions of GMail messages every day. The solid background I gained in operating systems, networks, artificial intelligence, robotics and software construction techniques have all been immeasurably helpful in both of these roles. In my new job I'm continuing to learn about distributed systems, scalability and reliability at a pace that would only be possible with this strong core of knowledge from CSE.