Venture Space

The School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE, also known as UNSW COMPUTING) has established an Venture Space for students and recent graduates.

UNSW was established with the focus of being a research intensive university. It has a history of producing the highest quality graduates and research in a broad range of disciplines, with particular success in science and engineering.

The School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), within the Faculty of Engineering at UNSW is committed to developing graduates that have highly developed technical skills, and that are equipped to apply those skills in today’s economy and society.

CSE is also committed to supporting the development of ideas generated in the school’s research laboratories into commercially viable products, services or ventures and supporting the aspirations of those individuals that wish to explore the commercial viability of ideas.

To address this commitment, CSE provides the Venture Space. The Venture Space within CSE is a subsidised-cost space available to approved CSE students and alumni who wish to develop ideas into business models, products or services.

Venture Space Tenancy Conditions

  • Applicants must be either current students or graduates from the School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW.
  • Space in the Venture Space will be granted to successful applicants for a period of up to 12 months, with up to one 6 month extension available on approval. Tenancy of the VS will be conditional on the tenant not being engaged in significant commercial operations [turnover <$20k per month] and not having raised material equity financing [>$250k]. Tenancy at all times will be at the discretion of the CSE Head of School.
  • Space in the Venture Space will be available in 15 sq m blocks. Rent will be payable according to the following schedule; 
0 – 6 month 6-9 months 9-12 months 12-18 months
(on approval)
$0 per month per block $80 per month per block $160 per month per block $320 per month per block


Rents will be payable monthly in advance.

  • Tenants will be responsible for payment of all costs associated with telephone lines assigned to their block(s). Tenants will be responsible for all internet connection costs. Internet data services will be provided by CSE at no cost to the tenant.
  • Groups successfully accepted into the CSE will be required to run the CSE Entrepreneur inspiration Series as part of the obligations of tenancy.
  • The CSE Head of School will be the last arbiter of disputes with regard to the Venture Space and its tenants.

Contact Development Office for full details.


Round 1 April 2012
Mijura Mijura
Task and meeting management software for businesses and teams.
Founded 2011
Founded By: Adam Brimo BE (Software) 2011 and Prashant Varanasi BSc (Comp Sci) 2011
Issue Logo Issue
Next-gen publishing that turns content into magazines, audience into customers
Founded 2012
Founded by Taylor Luk
vimcore-logo Vimcore
Vimcore builds healthier and more productive workforces
Founded 2012
Round 2 1st June 2013 Entry
Edisse-logo Edisse
Giving the elderly and their carers a peace of mind.
Founded By: Jai Chopra, MIT (2013)
FrameFish Logo FrameFish
We help you find the eyewear you'll love.
Founded 2012
Founded By: Peter Anderson BE (Computer) 2012
PocketFire Logo PocketFire
A mobile mapping application designed for Australian emergency services
Founded 2013
Founded By: David Morrison, BE (Computer) 2013
Stampii Logo Stampii
Supercharged mobile loyalty application offering unique experiences and rewards
Founded 2012
Founded By: Alwin Chin, BE (Software)
Round 3 November 2013 Entry
freauv  freauv
Round 4 May 2014 Entry

Note that we only list the CSE Graduates in the Founded By section.