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This section of the webiste provides industry partners with access to a range of areas which may be of interst to potential employers, sponsors, or companies looking to engage with CSE students and graduates.

In addition to the pages in this section, potential employers may also be interestd in:

  • Industrial Training - 60 days compulsory training is required for all BE students before graduation.  You can review their requirements on the IT website.
  • Advertising Jobs - students who are interested in work subscribe to our mailing lists.
Industrial Training

Industrial Training

60 days of Industrial Training (IT) is a requirement for all Bachelor of Engineering programs.  It is recommended that students start thinking about IT in the summer after Year 2 and Year 3. Graduation may be delayed if a satisfactory report for 60 day industrial training has not been received and approved by the release of final year results.

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Advertise a New Job

Jobs advertised here will be added to our jobs webpage and an alert will be sent to students who are looking for work.

It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that the job details are correct, and to ensure that the position is legal. In general, unpaid positions are not legal, and will not be advertised. Please refer to the Fair Work webpage for more details.