There are several ways to reach our students, either through advertising a Job or through Sponsorship.  

Sponsorship Options:

Note: CSE is the UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering, which we often shorten to UNSW COMPUTING.


Sponsors can outline the selection process or become a part of a current program, and so can become very familiar with the candidates. Scholarships are valued from $5,000.
- Scholars can either be selected from high school or from our current cohort
- Scholarships sometimes have an internship built into them.
- A list of current programs is available.


Awards may have an application or shortlisting procedure, so sponsor can get a detailed view of the applicants. Awards are valued from $2,000 to $4,999.
- Interview based Awards
- Application based Awards
- Presentation based Awards
- Other methods of judging Awards will also be considered.
- A list of current Prizes and Awards can be found below.


Prizes have no application procedure, but reward students on work already performed. Prizes are valued from $500 to $1,999.
- Course (Subject) Prizes. A prize to a student in a subject of your choice (unless it is already sponsored), A list of our Courses: COMP, BINF & SENG
- Other method of judging Prizes will also be considered.
- A list of current Prizes and Awards can be found below.

YearComputer EngineeringComputer ScienceSoftware EngineeringBioinformatics
Year 1 Macquarie Performance Prize Year 1
The Resmed COMP1917 Computing 1 Prize
COMP1927 Computing 2
ENGG1000 Engineering Design*
    SENG1031 Software Engineering Workshop 1  
Year 2 Macquarie Performance Prize Year 2
  The Quantium COMP2041 Software Construction Prize
    The QuantumLinx COMP2111 System Modelling and Design Prize  
The Ben Rudzyn Memorial Prize in COMP2121 Microprocessors and Interfacing Prize  
COMP2911 Engineering Design in Computing
COMP3222 Digital Circuits and Systems      
    SENG2011 Software Engineering Workshop 2A  
    The Macquarie SENG2021 Software Engineering Workshop 2B Award  
Year 3 Microsoft Performance Prize Year 3
Google Third Year Prize
      The IMC Pacific COMP3121 Algorithms & Programming Techniques Prize
    The Jane Street COMP3141 S'ware Sys. Design & Implementat'n Prize  
COMP3211 Computer Architecture      
COMP3231 Operating Systems      
    The Quantium COMP3311 Database Systems Prize
    COMP3331 Computer Networks and Applications  
COMP3601 Design Project A      
      BINF3010 Bioinformatics Methods & Applications
    The Optiver SENG3011 Prize  
The Amadeus COMP9322 Service-Oriented Architectures Prize
Year 4 NICTA Performance Prize Year 4
The PwC Cyber Award
The Jane Street COMP4181 Language-based Software Safety Prize
The Wipro COMP4336/9336 Mobile Data Networking Prize
The Microforte COMP4431 Game Design Workshop Prize
  Murray Allen Award in Computer Science    
COMP4601 Design Project B      
COMP4930 Thesis part A COMP4910 Thesis part A SENG4910 Thesis part A COMP4930 Thesis part A
COMP4931 Thesis part B COMP4911 Thesis part B SENG4911 Thesis part B COMP4931 Thesis part B
COMP4920 Management and Ethics COMP4920 Management and Ethics** SENG4921 Professional Issues and Ethics COMP4920 Management and Ethics
The COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems Alumni Prize
The Amadeus COMP9322 Service-Oriented Architectures Prize
The Optiver COMP4001 Object-Oriented Software Development Prize
There are many more electives that are currently un-sponsored.Most Core Courses are available as electives in other degrees as well.
*ENGG1000 is taken in Year 2 in Bioinformatics and is an elective in Computer Science.
**COMP4920 is taken in Year 3 in Computer Science

CSE Student Network (Mentoring Program)

A program run by the School to help new students transition into the social environment of the School. The sponsor is invited to all events, gets to display their banner at events, and have thier logo on the website.  Exposure is to both the new students and to the Mentors.  The homepage of the program is here.

Clubs and Societies

CSE has a vibrant student cohort with high levels of participation in the CSE Revue and CSE Society.

High School Support Programs

CSE runs several high school programs, and we would appreciate financial support to ensure that we can continue helping improve the image of ICT within schools.
UNSW COMPUTNG Robotics Workshops

Advantages of Sponsorship

The exposure that sponsorship leverages for companies is the most effective method available.  

  • All Sponsors are invited to the annual CSE Careers Fair.
  • All Sponsors are invited to the annual Prizes and Awards Reception. 
  • Prizes amd Awards are announced each year to all students and staff in the School, published annually in the Sydney Morning Herald, and re-announced at our Prizes and Awards Reception.
  • Sponsorship for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places increases exposure. 
  • The winning students also get the prize, award or scholarship printed on their transcripts. 
  • The University prefers Sponsors to sign a three-year agreement, and then a renewal would be negotiated after that.

How to Sponsor

Please contact our Development Office here.