Expo 5

Wednesday 21st August, 2013


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UNSW New South Innovations

Email Brad Hall to:
- inquire about sponsoring the event
- be added to the email group for updates
- pitch at the event.

Audience tickets are now available!


5:45 Arrive
6:00 Pitches (Mechanical Engineering Building, Level 5 Design Studio)
7:30 Networking Drinks (K17 Building, Level 1 Foyer)
9:30 Finish


Design Studio
Level 5 Mechanical Engineering 
Mechanical Engineering
Kensington, 2052
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6:00 Support Sponsor
99designs Logo 0-0 The world's largest online graphic design marketplace
6:04 AppInstruct AppInstruct Logo 1-0 Online Course teaching people the mobile apps' business
6:08 Astrepo Astrepo Logo 1-0 We notify you about events that you're interested in
6:12 Collaboreat Collaboreat logo 1-3 Collaboreat makes cooking and eating together easier and more enjoyable
6:16 earwerm earwerm logo 0-0 A music streaming app that pays you to listen
6:20 Edisse Edisse Logo - Peace of mind for the elderly in a watch
6:24 Feedback Loop Feedback Loop 0-1 We help businesses promote trusted testimonials on their website and social media
6:28 FrameFish Frame Fish Logo 1-0 Eyewear shopping portal with virtual try-on
6:32 Support Sponsor
General Assembly
General Assembly 0-0 General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education opportunities.
6:36 Hate You Cards Hate You Cards Logo 0-1 An award-winning custom “abusive” & cheeky postcards app & website.
6:40 IntiMate http://intimate-app.com - Mobile app to safely share and play with intimate content.
6:44 Issue Issue Logo 2-1 Next-gen publishing that turns content into magazines, audience into customers.
6:48 MigrainePal MigrainePal logo 0-1 MigrainePal helps you better manage your migraines.
6:52 Oddswop oddswop logo 1-0 A local, visually based, classifieds site
6:56 Foogi Foogi Logo 0-1 Foogi makes scheduling super easy by showing you the availabilities of anybody from any organisation
7:00 Park My Van Park My Van Logo 1-0 Webjet for campervan hire and the Airbnb for campervan parks.
7:04 Pocketbook pocketbook Logo 2-0 Pocketbook is making personal finance ridiculously simple for Australians.
7:08 PocketFire PocketFire Logo 1-0 a mobile mapping solution for bushfires and other disasters
7:12 Prospection Prospection Logo 5-0 Big data mining and visualisation for Pharmaceutical and Health Care industry
7:16 Support Sponsor
the saljar group
TSG logo - valuing innovation outcomes, investing in innovators, commercialisation and legal services for innovators
7:20 Taxi 24/7 Taxi 24/7 Logo 0-0 Book, Call and Connect with taxi drivers (and friends) directly!
7:24 Tripgo tripgo logo  4-1 Connecting schedules, transport and people to save time and money
7:28 ureferjobs.com ureferjobs Logo 3-0 refer job to peer. peer gets job. u make money.
7:32 NSI UNSW New South Innovations - Exciting new competition
7:36 Drinks and refreshments - time to mingle (Building K17 Level 1 Foyer)