A lot of emphasis is placed on security of accounts in the School. There will be many times you will need to leave your machine unattended to pick up a printout or take a short break. There is a program called xlock which will lock your machine while you are away, but often enough, you will forget to use it or underestimate how long you will be gone and leave your account unattended.

To prevent the tampering of accounts left unattended, a program called XScreenSaver will automatically lock your screen after it has been inactive for 10 minutes. The screen will appear black. In order to access your account again you will need to enter your password.

Please note, this is for your account security only, misuse of xlock to reserve facilities for yourself is unacceptable. Having your machine locked in excess of 15 minutes at any one time is considered too long and is not good lab etiquette. In many cases a public logout buton will be displayed after ten minutes providing other students with the opportunity to utilise a machine which has been locked for a large period of time.

Loc Van Huynh 2007-03-15