The acc Command

You can find out a lot of useful information about your account by using the acc command, which will produce something like the output illustrated below. Your disk quota is given as `Disc Limit', about half way down, and is measured in kilobytes. Print Quota is measured in pages and is updated several times a day. Your Session IP Usage, updated nightly, is at the end.
        % acc
                    User Name : jmb077
                          Uid : 9876
                      Expires : 27 Feb 2001

                 User classes : 3648_Student, COMP1011_Student

                         Name : Josephine Bloggs
           Encrypted Password : viDPjb.eZeTng
        Password last changed : 99/05/07.12:55:47
               Home Directory : /import/bizet/1/jmb077
                   Disc Limit : 5048
                  Login Shell : /usr/local/bin/ksh
              Last Login Host : ives
              Last Login Time : 99/12/21.18:48:30
              WasteBasket Uid : 65619
         Printer Usage Status : Post-census Allocation       400
                              : Used                         112
                              : Available                    288
                              : set at 12:28 AM 23/Dec/1999
               Daily IP Quota : 56.0Mb
             Session IP Quota : 280.0Mb
             Session IP Usage : 0.8Mb

Loc Van Huynh 2007-03-15