Past Research Grants

ARC and CRC Fundings

Jha, Kanhere, Welsh Flying Networks: Airborne Sensing for Environmental Monitoring and Disaster Response 2011-13
Sanjay Jha and Prasant Mohapatra (UC Davis) Multimedia Content Distribution over Multihop Broadband Wireless Network (DP1096353, ARC DISCOVERY) 2010-2012
A/Prof. B. Benatallah, Prof. M. Hassan,Prof. (Dr.) F. Casati, Prof. S.K. Das Next Generation Ubiquitous Service Spaces 2008-2010
Xuemin Lin, Sanjay Jha Taming Uncertainity of Distributed Data. (Google Research Award) 2007
Sanjay Jha, Nirupama Bulusu A Holistic Approach to Fault Tolerance in Wireless Sensor Networks (UNSW Goldstar Award) 2007
Chun Tung Chou, Salil Kanhere, Nirupama Bulusu Participatory Wireless Sensor Networks. (ARC DISCOVERY) 2007-2009
Jha (CI), Chou (CI), Misra (PI), Sreenan (PI) Efficient Distribution of Content in Multi-Rate Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks. (DP0664791, ARC DISCOVERY) 2006-2008
Jha, Chou, Kanhere Secure Wireless Mesh Network (Swimnet) (SITCRC) 2005-2006
Jha (CI), Banerjee (PI) Resilience Oriented Multicast for Real-time Multimedia. (DP0557519, ARC DISCOVERY) 2005-2007
M. Hassan, B. Benatallah, A. Jamalipour Anticipatory and Scalable Mobility Infrastructure for On-board Information Access (ARC Discovery Projects) 2004-2006
Jha, Chou Wireless Infrastructure for Intelligent Environment (SITCRC) 2004
Jha Programmable VPN Subproject (Smart Internet CRC) 2003
Hassan, Jha QoS in 3G-Wireless Networks (ARC-Linkage (APAI)) 2002
Chou, others Interactive video on-demand for e-learning (ARC) 2002-2004
Jha Programmable VPN Subproject (Smart Internet CRC) 2001-2002

Direct Industry Funding

Salil Kanhere, Chun Tung Chou Use of mobile phones for monitoring quality of life (NEC Japan) 2011-2014
Brian Huang An Apple iPhone-based System for Participatory Sensing Networks (Apple University Consortium Grant) 2009-2010
Sanjay Jha, Salil Kanhere Wireless Sensor Network Technologies (DSTO) 2005-2007
Sanjay Jha Intel IXP Education Program (in kind IXP 2400 boards + PCs) 2004
Sanjay Jha Intel IXP Education Program (in kind IXP 1200 boards) 2003
Sanjay Jha CSIRO top-up for Phd candidate (Centie Project) 2001-2004
Mahbub Hassan, Sanjay Jha, Nandan Parameswaran Contracted research funds (Canon Inc) 2001-2003
Sanjay Jha, Mahbub Hassan Avaya Communications (PhD topup scholarship) 2001

UNSW Competitive Grants

Sanjay Jha, Salil Kanhere, V. Sivaraman Flying Networks: Airborne Sensing for Environmental Monitoring and Disaster Response (UNSW Goldstar Award) 2010
Mahbub Hassan, Tim Moors Towards Safer Roads: Reliable Wireless Networking for Vehicles (UNSW Goldstar Award) 2010
Jha S., Sammut C., Pagnucco M. , Dempster A. Urban Search and Rescue Network (USARNet), UNSW MREII 2009 Round (UNSW RIBG scheme) 2009
Mahbub Hassan, Salil Kanhere, Boualem Benatallah Enabling Safety and Commercial Services over Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (NSW Goldstar) 2007
Sanjay Jha, Mahbub Hassan, Chun Tung Chou, Salil Kanhere, Boualem Benatallah, Vijay Sivaraman, Nandan Parameswaran, Linlin Ge, Wen Hu, Tim Moors, Helen Paik Infrastructure for On-Board Communication and Sensor Network Research (Research Infrastructure Building Grant (RIBG), UNSW) 2006
Salil Kanhere Design of a Mobile Mesh Network Platform for Data Collection and Dissemination (UNSW Faculty Research Grant) 2005
Piyush Maheswari, Salil Kanhere, Nandan Parameswaran An Infrastructure for Intelligent P2P Systems Development (Research Infrastructure Building Grant (RIBG), UNSW) 2005
Chun Tung Chou Information dissemination in heterogeneous wireless networks (UNSW Faculty Research Grant) 2005
Chun Tung Chou, Sanjay Jha A testbed for wireless, mobile and sensor networking (Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG)) 2004
Mukherjee, Jha Improving TCP performance on shared lossy channels in 3G/4G mobile wireless networks (University Research Support Program, UNSW) 2003-2005
Woo, Jha, Hassan HCI Laboratory (Research Infrastructure Block Grant (RIBG)) 2001
Jha, Hassan Alternate Architecture for Next Generation Cellular Data Network (University Research Support Program, UNSW) 2001
Hassan, Jha A New Bandwidth Management Scheme for Integrated Services over Shared LANs (University Research Support Program, UNSW) 2001
Jha, Heiser, Sammut Next Generation Networks (UNSW Capital Grants) 2000
Sanjay Jha Active Policy Based Management of IP Virtual Private Network (ARC Small) 1999

Other grants

Salil Kanhere EU COST WiNeMo (Wireless Networking for Moving Objects), Australian Academy of Science --
Salil Kanhere, Matthias Hollick (Technical University of Darmstadt) Secure Dependable Wireless Mesh Networks for Disaster Recovery (Group of Eight Australia - Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme) 2009-2010
S. Jha, S. Parameswaran, S. Wannarat (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand) Deployment of Wireless Sensor Network in Thai Rubber Plantation (International Research Collaboration Asia Pacific Region (Faculty of Engineering UNSW)) 2009
Foh Chuan Heng (PI), NTU, Sanjay Jha (Co-PI), Jun Guo (Co-PI), CSE/UNSW Study of Video Multicasting at the Network and the Application Layers (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA)) 2009