TITLE: Composing Web Services Using an Agent Factory

PRESENTER: Dr Debbie Richards

AFFILIATION: Macquarie University

DATE: Monday 23rd June 2003

TIME: 12:00pm - 1.00pm

PLACE: CSE K17 1st Floor Seminar Room


The web offers organizations the opportunity to reach potential clients like never before through dynamic matching of providers with requestors. However, this promise is also a challenge. The extensive collaborative work that is taking place concerning Web services (WSs) and the Semantic Web is taking up this challenge and is paving the way for realizing dynamic discovery and utilization of web resources. One of the goals of the work reported in this talk is to test the state of the art, identify shortcomings and offer recommendations. The key goal, however, is to apply and extend our Agent Factory, an automated facility for composing software agents, to use WSs as agent components. The approach is quite novel in that WS composition is treated as configuration of an artefact. The work is of benefit to the web community of users and researchers as it offers a means by which services may be composed into more complex services. In particular, the work is relevant to the Semantic Web community as semantic descriptions of the web services are used to determine what components were needed and how they fit together.


Debbie Richards is currently a senior lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney. She has been interested in the acquisition, representation and validation of knowledge from a theoretical and practical point of view since the early 80s. This was initially inspired by her work in industry with experts from various commercial and retail domains and explored further in her Masters and PhD theses. The modelling and reconciliation of knowledge from multiple experts has led to expansion of her work into a number of other fields such as: knowledge visualisation, conceptual modelling, requirements engineering, agent-based systems, data mining and even natural language and the semantic web.

Seminar Convenor:

Bernhard Hengst
Tel: +61-2-9385-3988,
E-mail: bernhardh@cse.unsw.edu.au
School of Computer Science & Engineering, UNSW.