TITLE: Current Research in Machine Learning and Text Analysis at the University of Ottawa

PRESENTER: Dr. Stan Matwin, http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~stan/

AFFILIATION: School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE), University of Ottawa

DATE: Monday 13th September 2004 (Please note unusual date/time)

TIME: 1pm - 2pm

PLACE: CSE K17 1st Floor Seminar Room


The presentation will review current research projects in our Text Analysis and MAchine LEarning (TAMALE) lab. These include a) privacy-oriented data mining and privacy-enhancing technologies b) feature selection with the focus on Inductive Logic Programming c) applications of data mining in Software Engineering and bioinformatics. The Lab is also involved in a broader research initiative in Electronic Commerce. We will present the lab, outline all of the above research, and focus on the current work on feature selection. We will argue the need for a feature selection-like process in ILP, present the difficulties, and describe our unique approach. We will show how the feature selection task becomes an instance selection task, how the latter can be reduced to a feature selection problem in a propositional multi-instance setting, and what are the challenges for the latter problem, specific to our research. We will present our current solution, empirical results we have obtained, and the work in progress.


Stan Matwin is a professor at the School of Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ottawa, where he directs the Text Analysis and Machine Learning(TAMALE) lab. His research is in machine learning, data mining, and their applications, as well as in technological aspects of Electronic Commerce. Former president of the Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence (CSCSI) and of the IFIP Working Group 12.2(Machine Learning). Currently, Director of the Information Technology Cluster of the Ontario Research Centre for Electronic Commerce. Chair of the NSERC Grant Selection Committee for Computer Science and member of the Board of Directors of Communications and Information Technology Ontario (CITO). Recipient of a CITO Champion of Innovation Award. Committee Chair and Area Chair for a number of international conferences in AI and Machine Learning. Member of the Editorial Boards of the Machine Learning journal, Intelligent Data Analysis journal, and Computational Intelligence journal.

Host & Seminar Convener:

Bernhard Hengst
National ICT Australia, Symbolic Machine Learning & Knowledge Acquisition
Tel: +61-2-9385-6940