Program Rules

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It is your responsibility to enrol in courses consistent with your program. The School will not guarantee credit for courses that have not been formally approved.

Students are not normally permitted to enrol in courses with timetable clashes, however some lecturers may approve a clash of no more than one hour.

A full-time load is four courses per Semester, ie. 24 units of credit (UOC). International students are required to be enrolled in 24UOC and complete the degree in the minimum amount of time. Note that three courses is also regarded as a full-time load (18UOC) for local students.

Postgraduate students planning on enrolling in 4 courses in any semester should expect to attend at least one day or late afternoon class. Also, students enrolling in a full-time load should consider limiting outside work commitments to less than 10 hours per week.

Students are expected to give priority to their University study commitments and any absence must clearly be for circumstances beyond your control. Work commitments are not normally considered a justification for being granted Special Consideration or withdrawal without failure after the deadline.

More information on University policy and procedures can be found in the A-Z Student Guide.

UNSW Handbook

UNSW Online Handbook

Your official guide to degree programs and courses offered at UNSW, including admission cut-offs, program objectives and structures, majors and specialisations, course descriptions and reqquisites.

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A to Z Student Guide

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A to Z Student Guide