Course List

***This program is no longer accepting new admissions ***

The School of Computer Science and Engineering offers the following courses towards the Information Technology major in the MEngSc program.

Extended versions of any course may be used instead.

Professional Development Courses

COMP9021 Principles of Programming*
COMP9032 Microprocessors & Interfacing
COMP9311 Database Systems
COMP9414 Artificial Intelligence
COMP9511 Human Computer Interaction

* may be substituted by COMP9024 Data Structures & Algorithms if the student has already covered Principles of Programming in prior study.

Specialisation Courses

COMP4001 Object-Oriented Software Developement
COMP4121 Advanced & Parallel Algorithms
COMP4141 Theory of Computation
COMP4161 Advanced Topics in Software Verification
COMP4411 Experimental Robotics
COMP4418 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
COMP4431 Game Design Workshop
COMP4432 Game Design Studio
COMP4511 User Interface Design and Construction
COMP6714 Information Retrieval and Web Search
COMP6721 (In-)Formal Methods: The Lost Art
COMP6731 Geometric and Graph Theoretic Data Processing
COMP6741 Parameterized and Exact Computation
COMP6752 Modelling and Concurrent Systems
COMP6771 Advanced C++ Programming
COMP9018 Advanced Graphics
COMP9101 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
COMP9102 Programming Languages & Compilers
COMP9151 Foundations of Concurrency
COMP9152 Comparative Concurrency Semantics
COMP9153 Algorithmic Verification
COMP9161 Concepts of Programming Languages
COMP9171 Object-Oriented Programming*
COMP9181 Language-based Software Safety
COMP9201 Operating Systems
COMP9211 Computer Architecture
COMP9222 Digital Circuits and Systems
COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems
COMP9243 Distributed Systems
COMP9315 Database Systems Implementation
COMP9318 Data Warehousing & Data Mining
COMP9319 Web Data Compression and Search
COMP9321 Web Applications Engineering
COMP9322 Service-Oriented Architectures
COMP9323 e-Enterprise Project
COMP9331 Computer Networks & Applications
COMP9332 Network Routing and Switching
COMP9333 Advanced Computer Networks
COMP9334 Capacity Planning of Computer Systems and Networks
COMP9335 Wireless Mesh & Sensor Networks
COMP9336 Mobile Data Networking
COMP9415 Computer Graphics
COMP9417 Machine Learning & Data Mining
COMP9431 Robotic Software Architecture
COMP9441 Security Engineering
COMP9444 Neural Networks
COMP9447 Security Engineering Workshop
COMP9517 Computer Vision

*COMP9171 was replaced by COMP6771 in 2014.

Engineering & Technical Management Courses

A list of up to date courses will be found in the Online Handbook here.


GSOE0006 Project (6 UOC)
GSOE0012 Project (12 UOC)
GSOE0024 Project (24 UOC)

If you choose to do a Project this will form part of your Engineering & Technical Management requirements