Enrolment Advice

Commencing Students

Congratulations on gaining a place at the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). We welcome you to your new program and hope you find your time in CSE challenging and rewarding, and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Please take the time to read through this information as it contains important advice designed to assist you in successfully enrolling for your first semester of study at UNSW.

The CSE Student Office is here to advise you on any matters relating to your study and we are the best first point of contact, so please phone, email or drop in for a chat.

by phone - +61 2 9385 5147/7870
in person - Ground Floor, CSE Building (K17)
email the research team

Re-enrolment advice availalble here.

Before arriving at CSE

myUNSW Accept

You will need to formally accept your offer online before you can enrol. Full details on how to accept, decline or defer your offer can be found here in myUNSW.

Notification of Arrival

Once you have confirmed your arrival date in Sydney (or your commencement date, if you are already in Sydney) please ensure that your supervisor completes the New Staff/Visitor/PhD/Masters Notification Form. This enables the School to prepare for your arrival.


Research students must enrol in person through the CSE Student Office. You will need to bring your completed CRE form with you when you enrol.

The University expects that students will be available to enrol before the start of the semester. If you are a holder of an APA/UPA/IPRS/UIPA Scholarship, it is a Condition of the Award that you commence before then.

All students must be enrolled before the census date. If you are unable to arrive before the census date, you should contact the CSE Research Team for further advice.

Course Selection

The Faculty of Engineering requires all research students to complete 18 units of credit (UOC) of coursework in the first year of enrolment. This includes the compulsory course, GSOE9400 "Engineering Postgraduate Research Essentials" (6UOC).

The other two courses are technical postgraduate courses offered by the School. If you wish to enrol in coures offered by schools other than CSE, you will need to seek permission to enrol in the course from the Lecturer In Charge (LIC) of that course. You can search for courses by using the UNSW Handbook or the UNSW Timetable.

You should contact your supervisor and discuss the courses you wish to take. You will then need to complete the "Confirmation of Research & Enrolment Form" (CRE). This form must be presented to the CSE Student Office when you enrol.

After Enrolment

Collecting your UNSW ID Card

Your UNSW ID Card is used as proof of identification, swipe access to the K17 Building, and for borrowing materials from the UNSW Library. After your enrolment has been finalised, you can collect your ID Card from UNSW FM Assist.

Activating your UNSW email account

All UNSW students are provided with a UNSW email account. Research students use the same email service as UNSW Staff. It is important that you activate your UNSW email account as soon as you are enrolled. IT at UNSW provide instructions on activating your UNSW email account.

Activating your CSE email account

As part of your study with CSE you will be given a CSE account and email address in addition to your UNSW email account. Your CSE email is the official mode of communication between yourself and the School, so it is important that you activate your account and check it frequently. You can activate your account by accepting the conditions on the Yellow Form.

Desk Allocation

To confirm your desk arrangements, you should consult the CSE Facilities Office.

Computer Equipment

CSE research students are provided with a computer to use over the course of their studies. The procedure for getting this computer is explained in the "Computers Provided by CSE" Policy.

Further information on equipment purchasing is available through the CSE FIPRAS Office.

Induction for Postgraduate Researchers

This event is organised by the UNSW Graduate Research School and is compulsory for all commencing postgraduate research students (Event Details).

Further Information


Research students must be re-enrolled each semester. Failure to re-enrol without approved program leave will be regarded as lapsed candidature and such candidates may be discontinued from their program. Refer here for more information on re-enrolment procedures for CSE research students.

Annual Progress Reviews

It is a requirement of continued enrolment that research candidates take part in a formal review of their progress in each year of their candidature. Refer here for more information on Annual Progress Reviews for CSE research students.

Mail Collection

If the School receives physical mail that has been addressed to you, it will be placed in the CSE mailroom (the small room at the entrance to the CSE Student Office). More specifically, your mail will be placed into the alphabetised pigeonholes based on the first letter of your family name. eg. If your family name is "Smith" then any mail addressed to you will be placed in the pigeonhole labelled "S". All CSE research students have swipe access to the mailroom.