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You will find resources for international students and student services in this part of the website, and you will find further resources for a range of issues throughout this website as a whole.  Compiled here for quick access:

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Academic Calendar
A to Z Guide (Students)
CSE Help and Resources

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Your guide to UNSW services and resources, including enrolment, results, fee invoices, and academic statements.

UNSW Class Timetable

UNSW Class Timetable

Full details of course offerings at UNSW across all areas and all teaching periods, including class schedules, activities, staff contacts, and quotas.

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UNSW International

Our University is globally recognised for cutting-edge teaching, research, state-of-the-art facilities and quality of student life. This means our graduates are highly sought after by employers and amongst the highest paid in Australia.

See how UNSW compares to universities in Australia and around the world.

CSE Student Office

CSE Student Office

Contact the CSE Student Office for advice on all program related matters, including policy and procedure, in relation to admission, enrolment, progression, and graduation.