High School Computing (HS1917)

UNSW Computing Course for Year 11 and 12 Students

What is HS1917?

Each year, a limited number of talented high school students will be offered the opportunity to enrol at UNSW and take COMP1917, our highly popular first-year university level course in computing.  The Course is commonly called HS1917.

"HS1917 provided a great way for me to learn computing appropriate to my level of experience, beyond that which school courses could provide and was also a great way to get a start in uni and get a taste of the uni student experience giving me a head start in the course I plan to get through." - Curtis, 2012 participant

  • HS1917 is aimed at students who are in Year 11 during the year of the course. (Year 12 applications may be considered if there are sufficient places and HSC studies allow time, and some exceptional Year 10 students will also be considered).
  • UNSW subsidises this course. The course fee enables us to employ extra tutors for the high school students. Any further associated costs will not be covered by UNSW (transport to/from the classes, etc).
  • Computer labs will be used, but a laptop will be beneficial.
  • Tutorials alter between Allocated Schoolas and UNSW.
  • The Allocated Schools Tutorials will be held Wednesdays 4:00-6:30pm. The UNSW Mega-Tutorials will be held Wednesdays 4:30-7:00pm. Applicants must be able to attend all of these.  See the Schedule
  • The Lectures will be viewed weekly via DVD, YouTube or iTunes.
  • Students who obtain 85 or higher in the course automatically qualify for the elite computing program if they also gain entry to UNSW.
  • Passing the Course does not guarantee entry to UNSW. Students will still need to apply and gain entry through the usual channels (UAC, etc)
  • Passing this course is regarded as strong evidence of aptitude for those intending to apply for UNSW entry via the FEAS process.
  • We intend to record the tutorial class and material and post it on the internet in the same manner as the lectures.
  • Guardian's permission must be obtained for students under 18. UNSW will not be responsible for the students outside of class time and have limited liability during class time.
  • All UNSW policies apply (rules about cheating, copying assignments, etc).

"During my time in HS1917 I saw a huge improvement with my school work in particular technology subjects. I found that the course helped to broaden my knowledge and anyone who lets the opportunity pass without truly considering it will miss out on a remarkable educational experience." - Matthew, 2012 participant

Get University Credit While At High School

This is not an HSC subject substitution, but a genuine university computing course with the same content and assignments as taken by first-year Computing, Science, and Engineering students at UNSW. Students who subsequently enroll in a UNSW Computing or Engineering degree will receive full credit for the course.

How It Works

Students watch lectures at home on DVD and then attend weekly tutorial classes at UNSW or one of the alternative locations listed on the website. Classes run from February to June. No previous programming experience is required, mathematical insight is useful.


The subsidised cost is $300 for the entire course.  This is an administration fee, and is non-refundable (only students accepted into the course incur the fee).  Scholarships are available for those with financial hardship.


Before you apply, you will need to get your mathematics teacher's permission to be your referee and ask for their email address. As not all schools offer SDD or IPT, this must be your mathematics teacher.

Apply for High School Computing (HS1917).

Computing 1

Computing 1 is another initiative which is aimed to introduce software design to everyone.  It covers around half of HS1917, with these important differences:

- UNSW Computing 1 is open to everyone, including students, teachers and the general public.  HS1917 is only available to selected high school students.
- UNSW Computing 1 is available to people everywhere, so ideal for students who can't make the HS1917 tutorials.
- UNSW Computing 1 is introductory (around half of HS1917), while HS1917 covers more depth and includes the complete Course.
- UNSW Computing 1 does not give students credit at UNSW, while HS1917 does.

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Apply for High School Computing (HS1917).
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