School Student Workshops

Lego Workshop


  • Lego Mindstorm NXT
  • RoboLab software
  • NQC software

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Serious Fun For School Students

  • Are you in Years 4 to 12 and interested in computer programming or robotics?
  • Want to have fun building Lego models and then programming them?

Learn How To Be A RoboCup Winner

See NXT designs for:

  • DanceBot
  • RescueBot
  • SoccerBot

Learn how to use the NXT technology. Master the Rescue layout. Become a Soccer champion.

UNSW Computing has developed specialised robotic workshops for school students that focus on the use of the new Lego NXT technology combined with the popular RoboCup Junior competition for schools.

This results in some serious fun for students.

As well as the thrill of building a robot, students will be exposed to several programming languages with a hands-on approach.

Robotic Workshop Details

Small Robocup Logo

Who can attend?
School students from year 4 to year 12. Parents can also join in!

How long are the workshops?
From 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Where are they held?
UNSW Australia, Kensington.  Meet on the Ground Floor of Building K17

What to bring on the day.
Morning tea
Afternoon tea

There is ample parking on the UNSW site and it's free on weekends

Available Workshops

Please check the Registrations page for currently available dates.


Perfect for beginners, this workshop covers basic building and programming skills.


Intermediate level for students with some experience in programming. Find out about the Robocup Junior Rescue layout, and master programming techniques for the NXTs.


Suitable for High School students, or for Primary School students with experience in programming and building robots. This is a fun challenge for all robotics students.

Coaching Clinics

Occasionally a special clinic will be run for students to perfect their knowledge and skills.  Check the registration page for dates.


Students are encouraged to progress through each workshops in order of difficulty. If you are a beginner you will need to start with Dance, and then you can progress to Rescue and then Soccer.  However, High School students, or students with experience in building and programming robots will be allowed to skip ahead to the level that best suits their skills.

Pricing and Discounts

Please check the Registration Page for the relevant prices 

Work by yourself

Students work by themselves with their own kit and computer.

Work with a friend

Two students share a kit and computer, at a substancially discounted price.  This is often the best option as students can work together to solve problems.

Come back for the next level

A 10% discount applies to students who return for additional workshops.


Parents can learn as well - and have a lot of fun! Parent and child groups get the same great discount as the "work with a friend" rate.