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Lego Robotic Workshop

21st Century pedagogy engages students through hands-on, experiential learning. This training equips teachers to implement this type of learning in the classroom through the use of robotics. It will increase teacher confidence and capacity to integrate robotics into teaching and learning programs.

The School of Computer Science & Engineering offers several professional development programs for school teachers.

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Robotics In The Classroom

Teachers completing this program will be able to:

  • Identify technology acquisition needs to utilise robotics in their school
  • Identify syllabus links
  • Create strategies for integration of robotics into teaching and learning
  • Participate successfully in the RoboCup Junior Workshop
  • Utilise the wide range of support materials available to facilitate the use of robotics into their classroom

RoboCup Junior Workshop

RoboCup Junior Logo

Perfect for teachers wanting to get started in RoboCup Junior. This workshop includes:

All the facts you need to get started in Dance, Rescue and Soccer
Sample robot designs to use in the classroom
Sample programs that demonstrate basic robot functions for each discipline
Hands-on experience with the RoboCup Junior equipment

Beyond The Basics

For the more advanced teacher, this training program will deal with more detailed design and programming material.

Program Content

The training program is designed to include these components:

  • Pre training activities, including Critical Success Factors
  • Analysis of the key learning areas in the syllabus where robotics can be utilised
  • Hands-on experience with the Lego® Mindstorms® equipment
  • Hands-on experience with the common software platforms used in schools; NXT-G, RobotC
  • Hands-on experience with teaching aids commercially available to support the Lego® Mindstorms®
  • Analysis of procurement needs for schools to successfully implement robotics in the classroom
  • Familiarisation with the RoboCup Junior competition
  • Post training support through the Connected Classroom network

Delivery Strategies

The training program will be delivered over a full term utilising the technology of the internet and video conferencing as well as a full day at the UNSW School of Computer Science & Engineering.

Program Web Site - utilising the strength of Moodle to co-ordinate the program and to provide access to course materials.

Training Event - a full day of hands-on training at the School of Computer Science & Engineering.

Post Training Support - via the video conferencing technology of Connected Classrooms.

Requirements of Participants

Participants need to have enthusiasm for the use of technology in their classroom. They should have active support from the school Principal for the implementation of robotics in the school, as well as financial support for the acquisition of robotics equipment.