Summer Workshops

UNSW COMPUTING, along with our student society, CSE Soc, are providing FREE workshops this summer for high school students.

Workshops for 2014/2015 will be announced by December 2014.

The workshops are limited to 20 high school students (ID required).

Lunch is included.

Current Workshops

Beginner = No programming experience

Intermediate = Some programming experience

Workshop NameLevelTimesDateLocation
Intro to Programming Beginner 10AM to 4PM 14/01/2014 CHIL
The Introduction to Programming workshop is for you, if you have want to learn programming right from the start! We will be showing you that you can do anything with programming, and then you'll be writing your own programs!
The Beginners Guide to the UNIXverse Intermediate 10AM to 4PM 14/01/2014 Banjo
Living in a shell? Try coding in one! Practical programming aims to introduce useful programming tools to the programmer. The workshop will cover useful UNIX filters, Regular Expressions (with applications in other programming languages) and Shell Scripting. Attendees will take away a set of useful skills which can be used for any type of programming in the future (especially on UNIX, the OS for real men (and women)), including project work and programming competitions. We recommend a bit of knowledge in any programming language for those who wish to participate in this workshop, but this is not a strict requirement. (P.S. Shell scripting looks like hacking...)
Intro to Web Dev Beginner 10AM to 3PM 15/01/2014 CHIL
This workshop will teach you the basics of HTML, the fundamental language that drives every page on the internet. Not only will you learn how HTML works and how to write your own HTML pages, but you will also learn how to add all kinds of effects to your web page using CSS. You will be able to produce professional looking webpages using tools like Bootstrap.
Advanced Web Dev Intermediate 10AM to 4PM 15/01/2014 Banjo
In modern day society, our reliance on dynamic websites has become a crucial part in our lives. This course will teach high school students how to develop websites that are capable of advance dynamic interaction. Students will use the python language to dynamically generate HTML webpages. They will also learn the javascript language and use it to make these webpages interactive. Javascript knowledge is not required.
Arduino Beginner 10AM to 4PM 16/01/2014 Seminar Room
Have fun with the Arduino, a new cool electronics board where you will be able to play with LED's, sensors and be able to communicate with computers.
Rescue Robots Beginner 10AM to 4PM 13/01/2014 Banjo
Help! There's a toxic spill and Jack needs your help.  In this fun day workshop, learn how to build and program NXT robots capable of moving through a course and rescuing Jack.  Will you come to Jack's aid?  This workshop requires little to no programming experience and is aimed as an introductory preview to computing.
Gamemaker Beginner 10AM to 4PM 17/01/2014 CHIL
Do you want to learn how to make awesome computer games? This free UNSW workshop will teach you how to make your own customised arcade games. During the lesson, we will analyse and play many games and then we will show you how to design these exciting games, using Game Maker's powerful GML (Game Maker Language). By the end of the workshop, you will be equipped with the skills to make your very own personalized games that you can show off to your friends! This workshop does not require any programming experience.


After workshops have been announced, please email Brad Hall with:

Which workshop are you applying for?

Given Name:



School Name:

Year at High School in 2013:

Do you have any Computing Competition results?  If yes, list by competition name, year, and result.

Do you have any Maths Competition results?  If yes, list by competition name, year, and result.

Why would you like to participate in this workshop (Limit, 250 words):

Your Python ability (none, some, extensive?)

Your level of experience with object-oriented programming (none, some, extensive)?

Any dietary requirements?


Main round applications: Monday 16 December 2013

Wait-list closing date: Friday 3 January 2014.