Thesis and Industrial Training

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Final Year Thesis

If you are taking Thesis Part A or Thesis Part B this semester, make sure you review the course outline provided on the Thesis Website. This will give you up-to-date information on any requirements for your thesis as well as important dates and deadlines for undertaking a thesis.

Please be advised of the recent release of a CSE Thesis Report Library. You will have access to download select reports of past students to assist you in choosing a topic. The reports can be accessed from the Thesis Topic Database, or from the myCSE Thesis Report Library directly.

Industrial Training

All students enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering degree are required to complete 60 days industrial training prior to graduation.  We recommend students start thinking about their first placement in summer of year two so that this requirement is not left until the end of the degree.  Full details on industrial training can be found on the Industrial Training Website.