Written Report

The written report should expand on the first 4 tasks set out in Section 3 of the Course Outline. You should be able to use most of your Thesis Part A written report as a basis for your Thesis Part B report.

The report should:

  • include a title page, containing: thesis title, author name(s), submission date, supervisor name
  • contain proper page numbers and a properly formatted list of references (bibliography)
  • be at least 10 pages long, not including the title page and bibliography
  • preferably, not be longer than 40 pages
  • be formatted for an A4 page with 2cm margins, 12-point font size, and 1.5 spacing
  • be in PDF format that is readable with Acrobat (acroread) on the CSE workstations

Assessment Criteria

The report will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • a clear definition of the topic and the aim of the work
  • analysis of the literature: organisation, comprehensiveness, citations and bibliography
  • summary and comparison of alternative approaches, identification of the problems
  • research or work plan
  • presentation (i.e. formatting and English expression)
  • late submission will be subject to a late penalty


You submit your Thesis Part A written report online as a single PDF file in Week 12.

We do not care about how you produce the document (via Word, LaTeX, etc.), but before submitting, you must check that the PDF is readable.

In order to submit, you'll need to log in to myCSE using your cse username and password: Thesis Report Submission.

You will be able to upload your thesis, which must satisfy the following:

  • be a PDF file called "ThesisA.pdf" less than 16MB in size
  • be readable under the Acrobat reader on the CSE workstations
  • satisfy all of the requirements of a thesis as described on the Thesis Part A Report page

Note that the system allows you to submit the thesis multiple times. However, only the most recent submission will be assessed. Submissions are time-stamped, and if the time-stamp is after the deadline, then late penalties will be applied.

Where multiple files are required for submission, submit a zip folder instead.

Please email Thesis Administraiton if your submission requirements differ from those permitted by myCSE.