Written Report

The written report for Thesis Part B is often referred to simply as "The Thesis".

The Thesis should contain a complete description of your project, including expanding on all 6 tasks described in Section 2 of the Thesis Outline. You should have most of the introductory material (aims, literature review) from the Thesis A written report, although some aspects may have changed during Thesis B, so be prepared for some re-writing of the material. It should also report on the results of your work. In the case of a research-oriented topic, you should describe what you discovered/proved and provide solid arguments and evidence as to why we should believe your results. In the case of a development-oriented topic, you should document the development process (requirements, specification, design, implementation and evaluation/testing) of your system. There is no need to submit source code listings as part of the Thesis; however, you should make the source code available to your supervisor/assessor (create a tar/zip of the source code tree and submit it as an attachment to the Thesis). 

The Thesis must:

  • include a title page headed:


    and followed by
    • Title of Thesis
    • Name of Author/s
    • Degree for which thesis is submitted
    • Submission Date (month and year)
    • Supervisor/s: (followed by name)
    • Assessor/s: (followed by name)
  • include a comprehensive bibliography (comprehensive in the sense that all work by other people that is mentioned in the thesis appears, and also comprehensive in the sense each entry is complete i.e. would enable someone to locate a copy of the cited work)
  • include a table of contents
  • include a one-paragraph Abstract which summarises the major results of the work
  • be formatted for an A4 page with 2cm margins, 12-point font size, and 1.5 spacing
  • be in PDF format that is readable with Acrobat (acroread) on the CSE workstations (other formats such as Word, RTF or LateX are not acceptable)
  • have all pages numbered, with the main body of the Thesis being numbered from beginning to end; other sections of the Thesis must either be included in this numbering or given their own logical numbering system.

Note: The author of the Thesis is responsible for proof-reading the draft material and having corrections made as necessary, before final submission.

Assessment Criteria

The final Thesis Report will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • a clear definition of the topic and the aim of the work
  • analysis of the literature: organisation, comprehensiveness, citations and bibliography
  • quality of the analytical work and the results (for research theses)
  • quality of the software development process and final product (for development theses)
  • presentation (i.e. formatting and English expression).
  • late submission will be subject to a late penalty


You submit your Thesis online as a single PDF file not later than midnight of Tuesday Week 13.

The thesis should be prepared in accordance with the specification given in the Thesis B Written Report section of this website.

In order to submit, you'll need to log in to myCSE

Log in using your CSE username and password. Once logged in, go to Thesis > Submit Reports where you will see your current thesis enrolment.

Here you'll be able to upload your thesis, which must satisfy the following:

  • Only PDF or ZIP files will be accepted with a maximum file size of 16mb (but please try and keep the file under 8mb if possible)
  • be readable with the Acrobat reader on the CSE workstations
  • satisfy all of the requirements of a thesis as described on the Thesis Part B Report page

Note that the system allows you to submit the thesis multiple times. However, only the most recent submission will be assessed. Submissions are time-stamped, and if the time-stamp is after midnight on Tuesday Week 13, then late penalties will be applied.

Please email Thesis Administration if your submission requirements differ from those permitted by myCSE.

A late penalty of up to 2 marks per day will apply to students who submit late without prior permission.